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    1.Cutting blade:Combined multi-position special thread boring and milling cutter
    (Note: Picture only for reference)
    Boring tool is a kind of hole machining tool, which is generally round handle, and also has larger workpiece using square cutter rod generally seen in vertical car, the most commonly used occasions are internal hole processing, reaming, copying and so on.
    2.Cutting blade
    Boring tool is a kind of boring tool, generally round handle, there are also larger workpiece using square tool rod, the most common occasions are internal hole processing, reaming, copying and so on. There are one or two cutting parts used specifically for roughing, semi-finishing, or finishing of existing holes. Boring tools can be used in boring machines, lathes or milling machines.
    3.Our service
    WE are not only maker and sales agent for world famous brand cutters , we special job is MAKE OVERALL SOLUTION FOR CUSTOMERS. Postbox:
    4.Logistics: SF express , DHL, Fedex, and UPS delivery
    1Q; Why choose you?
    A:We have professional team of workers,service and inspection,and we have our own
    sub factories.
    2Q: Can I get samples?
    A: Sure.We can send the samples for free,but customer should pay for the freight cost.
    It will cost some sample charge for custom designs,but it is refundablewhen order is up
    to certain quantity.
    3Q: How to pay?
    A: Usually you should pay 30% deposit before production,The balance paid before
    shipping.For the small order,you need to pay the whole payment before production.
    4Q: Will you save my mould for future orders?
    A: Yes.once we create your mold,you can use it as many times as you like at no cost
    for future orders.As long as you keep the same design there is never any new molding fees.
    5Q: Do you offer customized packaging?
    A: Yes!All of our products can be packed as yours requirement.China Thread Machining Tool manufacturers

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