wholesale High Quality Aluminum Sport Sunglasses

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    Established in 2007, Wenzhou Grandee Eyewear Co.,Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of optical frames,sunglasses and reading glasses.Our products meet the European standards of CE and FDA.Relying on novel designs,great varieties,superior quality and excellent service,our products are selling well in the America,Southeast Asia,Europe and the Middle East.
    Our 10 R&D engineers develop over 50 new items monthly to help you get an edge over your competitors’ selections. Supported by 700 plus workers at our 7,000-square-meter workshop,we turn out 3 million pairs of sunglasses,2 million pairs of reading glasses and 1 million pairs of frames annually.This capacity makes us certain that we can complete your volume orders promptly.Our two QC inspectors oversee all aspects of production,and check each batch prior to shipment to ensure that your orders contain only qualified products.

    We firmly believe that our high-quality goods and outstanding services will be of benefit to your business.Send us an e-mail today for more details. wholesale High Quality Aluminum Sport Sunglasses

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