Water Ball Valve factory

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  1. wangji110

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    SW/NPT End metal seated

    Design Features:

    - Size: 1/2" ~ 24" (DN 15 - 600mm)

    - Class Rating: 1000/2000/3000 PSI

    - Floating Ball, Full Bore

    - Screwed and Socket Welded Ends

    - Reliable sealing performance and small torque

    - Full bore or reduced bore

    - Low emission packing

    - Optional locking device optional

    - ISO 5211 top flange optional

    - Fire safe, anti-static and anti-blowout stem design

    - Operation: Lever

    Design Standard:

    - Main standard: ASME B16.34

    - Body material: A105

    - Face to face: ASME B16.10

    - Working temperature: -29鈩儈 + 425鈩?

    - Test and inspection: API 598

    - Threaded End: ASME B1.20.1

    - Socket Welding & BW End: ASME B16.11

    - Test: API 598/BS 6755

    - Fire Safe Test: API 607/API 6FA

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